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Mindfulness for Babies, Toddlers, and Parents

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“Successful parenting requires wisdom and the right methods and The Nourish Method makes that easier with an amazing toolkit to tackle the complex challenge of parenting.
This unique book is a treasure chest that encompasses simple and effective tools that parents can begin applying from day one.”

— Mei-Wei Chen, Ph.D, Psychologist, Professor of Counseling at Northeastern College

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The first book of its kind, the Nourish Method gives parents the tools, skills, and practical methodology to be more mindful, connected, and positive with their babies. Written by Lindsay Ambrose, a doula and the author of Peaceful Mama: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection and Arden Austin, an online influencer, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master, these two modern moms and well-being experts take the “woo-woo” and the work out of mindfulness. 

This groundbreaking book meets parents right where they are – tired, overwhelmed, and up to their arms in diapers. The Nourish Method shows parents that they don’t need to become a zen master or even add more to their already full plate to share the benefits of mindfulness with their child. By taking three core concepts of mindfulness - stillness, observation, and intention - they can infuse mindfulness into what they are already doing. The result is an everyday mindfulness that helps parents be real, nurture their unique family bond, and create a safe home atmosphere of self-awareness, curiosity, and connection that overflows to babies and children. 

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